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11kv Fuse Cutout

11kv Fuse Cutout

11kv Fuse Cutout, also called cutout fuse or fuse mount or fuse which is used for protecting transformers, There are mainly polymer type and porcelain type. T echnical data of 11KV Fuse cutou t (Model: GNF-2) Structure of high voltage fuse cutout (cut out fuse or fuse mount or expulsion fuse)

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Product Details

Technical data of 11KV Fuse cutout  (Model: GNF-2)

Rated Voltage

Rated current

Breaking current

Impulse voltage

Power frequency withstand voltage (kV)

Creepage distance








Structure of 11kv Fuse Cutout (cut out fuse or fuse mount or expulsion fuse):

A: fuse cutout base (porcelain or polymer materials are both available)

B-fuse carrier (normally K type fuse links is installed)

C-Fuse links (K type or T type as IEC standard)


Our promise of 11kv Fuse Cutout:

1-Warrantee Period: 2 years.

2-All tests will be done before shipment as per IEC60282-2 standard.

3-Good packing with foam box inside the carton which can protect the 11kv Fuse Cutout.

11kv Fuse Cutout Production Facility:

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