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Silicone Long Rod Insulator

Silicone Long Rod Insulator

Produced by professional manufacturer who only focus on this field, silicone long rod insulator are used on 33kV system.

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Product Details

silicone long rod insulator is used at power stations, transmission and distribution lines and electrical equipment devices. We can offer competitive price and top quality of silicone long rod insulator in China.

1.Technical data of silicone long rod insulator


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical tension load


Structure height


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)








2.Product advantage

1).Silicon Rubber for sheds/housing.

2).Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod for core.

3).Hot dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings.

4).Most advanced technology and latest workmanship.

5).Each silicone long rod insulator is tested before shipment.

6).Zero accident for Europe utilities like Greece, Spain for more than 500,000pcs.


3.Company advantage

1-We produce epoxy resin fiberglass rod .

2-We produce HTV silicone rubber.

3-We produce HDG metal fittings.

4-Flexible production organization and short production cycle.

5-Reasonable equipment configuration and stable equipment.

6-All of our products are tested and qualified by National Inspection Institute and IEC/ANSI standard.


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