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High Tension Polymer Insulators

High Tension Polymer Insulators

Connection of the high tension polymer insulators glassfiber rod and metal fittings, adopts the pressure welding technique of the international advanced level, and have the full automatic sound wave detection of defects system, high tension, beautiful outline, small volume, light weight.

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Product Details

1.Technical data of high tension polymer insulators


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical tension load


Structure height


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)









1.The design of shed adopted unique aerodynamics principle.

2.The end seal adopted tje high temperature vulcanization high pressure seal technique, to achieve to the aim of three-protection, to ensure the end seal of metal fitting is reliable performance.

3.The silicon rubber rain shed, designed according to the aerodynamics principle, use the whole-moulding method, to make sure the validity of total creepage distance under every climate and nasty conditions, as well as improved the pollution discharge of the insulators.

4.The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material.


3.Company advantage:

1-ISO9001 and ISO14001 and third party support and assurance from Europe. 

2-The company has first class design team.

3-The product range is complete, according to the needs of customers.

4-R&D and organization of production, strong adaptability.

5-Integrates development and manufacturing in-house.

6-Advanced technology, imported advanced equipment.

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