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35kV Polymer Insulator

35kV polymer insulator is applicable for the electrified railway in complex environment,which can effectively prevent pollution flashover and Reduce cleaning and maintenance .The composite cross arm insulator feature is small ,so that it can not be replaced by porcelain or class insulator in the small space place.

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Product Details

Size and technical data of 35kV polymer insulator



Rated voltage(KV)Rated mechanical tension load(KN)

Structure height(mm)


Min nominal creepage distance(mm)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kv) Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)

Min.Electric arc distance(mm)



35kV polymer insulator

About GaoN 35kV polymer insulator 

1). We can pack 35kV polymer insulator according to customer's requirement.

2).We have a final inspector manager to check the 35kV polymer insulator on every detail and component to make sure it all meet the drawing.

3). Secure and reliable operation on high mechanical strength. 

4).The top comprehensive research and development manufacturing ability.

5).Reasonable equipment configuration and stable equipment.

6).The strict inspection measures ensure the perfect quality of every 35kV polymer insulator.


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