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Polymer Pin Insulator

Polymer pin post insulator of voltage rating from 10kV-36kV, SCL rating from 3kN to 15kN. Main T echnical Specification of pin composite polymer s ilicone insulator Voltage Level: from 10kV to 36kV. SCL: from 3kN to 15kN Standards IEC61109;

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Product Details

1.Details specification of Polymer Pin Insulator

 Polymer Pin Insulator

Main Technical Specification of Polymer Pin Insulator

Voltage Level: from 10kV to 36kV.
SCL: from 3kN to 15kN

Standards of Polymer Pin Insulator
IEC61109; IEC61952


Materials of our polymer pin insulator 

1). Famous branded HTV Silicon Rubber.

2). Fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin core.

3). Hop dip galvanized end fittings.  


Our company advantage:

1). We are the only one Polymer Pin Insulator manufacturer who can produce above all materials.

2). IEC standard design and testing.

3). Longest Warrantee Period: 15 years

4). Professional skills in Polymer Pin Insulator field with 18 years expeience.

5). ISO9001 and ISO14001 insulator manufacturer.

Polymer Pin Insulator Production Facility:

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