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Pin Post Insulator

There are mainly two types of pin post insulator, one is composite polymer silicone pin post insulator and another is porcelain type. while we only focus on composite polymer silicone pin post insulator for almost 20 years.

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Product Details

1.Details of Pin Post Insulator

 Pin Post Insulator

2.Technical data of Pin Post Insulator

1. Section length: requested by customer.

2. Creepage distance: normally 25mm/kV or 31mm/kV.

3. Color: Red, gray, brown.

4. Composite post insulator color: grey or other.

5. Mechanical falling load: 3kN to 15kN.

6. Standard: IEC61952.


3.The reason of choosing us pin post insulator:

Reason 1: Silicone Rubber is produced by ourselves;

Reason 2: FRP rod is produced by ourselves;

Reason 3: Metal fittings is produced by ourselves;

Pin Post Insulator Production Facility:

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