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Pin Composite Insulator

pin composite insulator also same type of Composite long rod insulators. Used for distribution power lines and we have exported more than 250,000pcs to Many countries and all is well accepted.

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Product Details

1.Technical data of pin composite insulator


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical bending load


Structure height


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)

FPQ-33 / 4







Pin composite insulator

2. Pin composite insulator advantage:

1).Light weight, damage resistance , easy to transport and install.

2).Prototype and 5000hours aging tested.

3).IEC61952 or ANSI or GB standard.

4).Metal end fittings,core and sheds connected by new crimping process.

5).Easy installation,greatly reduce mainternance charges and manual labor intensity.

6).Silicone rubber: good hydrophobic, maintenance-free.

7).Long service life, stable quality, short delivery time.

3. Company advantage:

1-We produce epoxy resin fiberglass rod.
2-We produce HTV silicone rubber.
We produce HDG metal fittings. 

4-The oldest pin composite insulator manufacturer at our city.

5-Design test + Type test + Sampling test +Routine Test for pin composite insulator

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2.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators froduction facility_2.jpg

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3.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators storage facility_1.jpg

3.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators storage facility_2.jpg

4.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators testing facility.jpg

5.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators shipment_1.jpg

5.Composite Silicone Polymer Insulators shipment_2.jpg

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