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Outdoor High Voltage Polymeric Insulators

Outdoor high voltage polymeric insulators is composed of fiberglass epoxy resin lead-out rod, silicon rubber housing and hardware.

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Product Details

1.Size and technical data of outdoor high voltage polymeric insulators



Rated voltage(KV)Rated mechanical bent failing load(KN)Structure height(mm)Min nominal creepage distance(mm)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kv) Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)

 outdoor high voltage polymeric insulators

2.Why choose GAON outdoor high voltage polymeric insulators

GaoN outdoor high voltage polymeric insulators has good performance of anti-bend, anti- fouling ability, anti-shock capability, shock and anti-brittle fracture of good performance, small size, light weight, easy installation, can be maintenance-free, without manual cleaning, and the porcelain has the interchangeability.

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