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Medium Voltage Insulators

Zhejiang Gaoneng Electric Installation Co., Ltd., is a well-known manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of medium voltage insulators, we always bring customers high quality medium voltage insulators and with competitive price.

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Product Details

Technical data of Medium Voltage Insulators


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical failing load


Structure height


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)








Medium Voltage Insulators

Medium Voltage Insulators advantage

1).The medium voltage insulators with fine internal and external insulating ability .

2).Suitable for polluted environment, salty atmospheres etc.

3).Good resistance to ageing, tracking and erosion.

4).Long term surface hydrophobicity.

5).Excellent water detesting, endurable to dirty.

6).Zero accident for Europe utilities like Greece, Spain for more than 500,000pcs.

Company advantage

1-18 Years manufacturing and exporting experience.

2-Sampling Test and Routine Test to assure quality for every batch and each medium voltage insulators.

3-Design test + Type test + Sampling test +Routine Test for medium voltage insulators.

4-Reasonable equipment configuration and stable equipment.

5-The product range is complete, according to the needs of customers.

6-All of our medium voltage insulators are tested and qualified by National Inspection Institute and IEC/ANSI standard.

Production Facility

Zhejiang Gaoneng Electric Installation Co., Ltd. is one of manufacturers specialized in the field of composite Insulators, surge arresters, fuse cutouts, isolators, epoxy resin fiberglass rods, end fittings of insulators and line fittings. On the base of high starting point, strong technical supports and huge capital, our company can completely do research and design on new product and have a completely and stronger quality management system.

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