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33kv Pin Silicone Insulator

33kv Pin Silicone Insulator are used on distribution power lines and there are normally with vertical installation and horizontal installation, we are mainly focus on 10kV to 33kV and 3kN to 15kN type Polymeric pin silicone insulators.

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Product Details

Technical value of 33kv pin silicone insulator


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical bending load


Structure height


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)

FP-33 / 6








Gaoneng advantage:

1). Specially design and manufacturing for every customer.

2). Low MOQ.

2). Routine Test and Sampling Test is applied for every 33kv pin silicone insulator from our factory.

3). Zero mistake and accident.

4). In China, the only 33kv pin silicone insulator maker manufacture all parts: rubber+ core+ end fitting.  


33kv pin silicone insulator advantage:

• Light weight than ceramic insulator.

• Good hydrophobic performance.

• Excellent resistance to aging.

• Very good resistance to tracking and erosion.

• Suitable for polluted environment and areas.

• Resistance to breakage.

• High mechanical and electrical performance.

• Ease of installation.

Production Facility:

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