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Silicone Composite Insulators

Silicone composite insulators, also called polymer insulators, is a new type compared to porcelain insulators and glass insulators, and now is used more and more in all over the world, We are the leader insulator manufacturer in China and we are the only composite insulator maker in China.

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Product Details

Details specification and drawing of silicone composite insulators

silicone composite insulators

Technical Specification of silicone composite insulators

Rated Voltage: 24kV

Rated Mechanical Load: 120kN

Standard: IEC 61109

Material of silicone composite insulators

Insulator housing: HTV Silicone Rubber

Core Rod: ECR – FRP

End Metal Fittings: Hot dip galvanized steel according to IEC 60120, 60471, 61466-1

Production Facility of silicone composite insulators:

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