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Medium Voltage Composite Insulators

There are Low Voltage composite insulators, Medium Voltage composite insulators, and High Voltage composite insulators. Our Medium voltage composite insulators is stronger items which exported to more than 30 countries and without any problem during past 10 years.

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Product Details

1.Details specification of Medium Voltage Composite Insulators

Medium Voltage Composite Insulators

Technical data of Medium voltage composite insulators

 1-Voltage Level: 12 to 36 kV
2- SML: 40kN, 45kN, 50kN, 70kN, 100kN, 120kN
3- Section Length: As per customer's request.

Our Medium Voltage Composite Insulators advantage:

1-We produce fiberglass rod.

2-We produce silicone rubber.

3-We produce metal fittings.

4-All materials is under strict control as standard and ISO management.

Production Facility of Medium Voltage Composite Insulators:

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