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Composite 25kV Railway Polymer Insulator

Composite 25kV railway polymer insulator are especially suitable for polluted areas, high mechanical tensile load, big span and compact line. It has the characters of light weight, small volume, not easily broken, bending, high torsional strength and explosion-proof performance.

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Product Details

1.Technical data of Composite 25kV railway polymer insulator


Rated voltage


Rated mechanical bending load


Min nominal creepage distance


1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)

Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)







Composite 25kV railway polymer insulator

2.Composite 25kV railway polymer insulator Materials advantage: 

1).Prototype and 5000hours aging tested.

2).15 Years guarantee.

3).Weight is relatively light, easy to carry and transport

4).Light than porcelain insulator.

5).It is not so easy to be damaged in the course of transporting and installing.

3.Why Us Composite 25kV railway polymer insulator ?

1.Many kinds of insulator fittings such as ball,socket,Tongue,Clevis,Flange and so on.

2.Good quality guarantee (2 years).

3.On time delivery .

4.We offer composite 25kV railway polymer insulator sample for free.

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