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High Voltage Post Insulators

We are focus on 10kV to 220kV high voltage post insulators and all our silicone composite insulators are designed and manufactured as per IEC and ANSI standards. SCL is from 3kN to 20kN.

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Product Details

1.Details of high voltage post insulators specification


 high voltage post insulators

2.Details structure and workmanship of high voltage post insulators

1.  High voltage post insulators shed connected with core. 

2.  The thickness of high voltage post insulators housing is min. 3mm.

3.  Acid resistant and high temperature resistant of epoxy fiberglass core.

4.  Metal fittings, core and high voltage post insulators housing connected by new crimping processing.

5.  Hot dip galvanization by latest technology to prolonging the high voltage post insulators service life. 


3.Advantage of our high voltage post insulators:

1) Small volume.

2) Light weight.

3) High voltage post insulators sheds have good elasticity, will not broken.

4) Convenient installation. 

5) Economic transportation.

Production Facility:

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