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66kv Composite Post Insulator

66kv composite post insulator suitable for high voltage power line service.The insulator have the advantage of light weight,small volume high mechanical strength and good performance of anti-pollution.

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Product Details

1.Size and technical data of 66kv composite post insulator


Rated mechanical strentch load



Structure height(mm)


Min.Electric arc distance (mm)


Min nominal creepage distance (mm)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)(KV)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than(kv)Rated voltage(KV)

  66kv composite post insulator


2.Materials of 66kv composite post insulator

1-We adopt the advanced injection producing technology for 66kv composite post insulator housing and the design of the shed adopt unique aerodynamics principle.


2-We use HTV silicone rubber which hydrophobicity can reach to HC1 level.


3-We use hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting ,the thickness of the zinc more than 100 μm.


4-We use ECR rod as the core which is high acid resistant. 7200Hr testing passed .


5-We use the double seal design between the rubber and the fitting.


6-We can mark your logo on the 66kv composite post insulator fitting or rubber.

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