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35kv Polymer Post Insulator

Strict Quality Control to insure providing you high quality 35kv polymer post insulator.

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Product Details

1.Size and technical data of 35kv polymer post insulator



Rated mechanical failling loadStructure height(mm)Min.Electric arc distance (mm)Min nominal creepage distance (mm)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)(KV)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than(kv)Highest operating voltage of equipment(kV)


35kv line post insulator


2.Why choose us 35kv polymer post insulator?

1-We can give Good quality guarantee (2 years) for 35kv polymer post insulator.

2-Make the 100% inspection of 35kv polymer post insulator before the shipment.

3-Suitable for polluted environment, salty atmospheres etc.

4-Excellent water detesting, endurable to dirty.

5-Integrates development and manufacturing in-house.

6-R&D and organization of production, strong adaptability.

7-The most comprehensive standard and material for your choice.

8-The fastest delivery time and best price.

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