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24kv Insulator

24kV insulator with high antifouling property,good aging resistance performance,high anti pollution flashover voltage good electric corrosion resistance.

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Product Details

1.Size and technical data of 24kV insulator



Rated voltage(KV)Min nominal creepage distance(mm)Rated mechanical tension load(KN)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than(kv)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)not less than(kv)

Structure height(mm)


Min.Electric arc distance(mm)



 24kv insulator

2.Advantage of  GaoN 24kV insulator

1-The 24kV insulator are made of glassfiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fittings.

2-24kV insulator have the full automatic sound wave detection of defects system, high intension, beautiful outline, small volume, light weight.

3-This 24kV insulator is reliable structure, can’t damage the core rod, and take full advantage of the mechanical strength.

4-Small size, light weight, easy installation, can be maintenance-free, without manual cleaning, and the porcelain has the interchangeability.


5-The 24kV insulator feature is small ,so that it can not be replaced by porcelain or class insulator in the small space place.

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