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15kv Station Post Insulator

Our 15kv station post insulator,compact design and light in weight which is convenient for transportation.

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Product Details

1.Technical data of 15kv station post insulator


Rated mechanical bending load


Structure height(mm)


Min.Electric arc distance (mm)


Min nominal creepage distance (mm)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)(KV)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than(kv)Rated voltage(KV)


 15kv station post insulator

2.GaoN 15kv station post insulator

1).Extraordinary hydrophobic and resistance to contamination.

2).The superior in performance and high intensity mechanical enhance reliability of power line.

3).Perfect hydrophobic performance, good resistance to aging, tracking and erosion.

4).The 15kv station post insulator end fitting and FRP rod are connected with imported end-fitting crimping equipment ,ensures the mechanical performance of the product.

5).With advanced producing equipments and methods,inspection means as well our 15kv station post insulator reach up to the domestic and intemational standard,becoming the important and necessary insulator products in the high-voltage distribution line.

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